Kansas City Puzzle Company The Holiday Puzzle by Joshua Cotter

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A great holiday puzzle for everyone, but super special for our KC friends!  Filled with hidden holiday nostalgia and random stuff like; ohhh, I dunno....anthropomorphic burnt ends????  Sign us up! 

Joshua Cotter is well known and loved in Kansas City! The previous longtime cartoonist and illustrator for the Pitch and the Kansas City Star is also the author/illustrator of many critically acclaimed books. Most notably ‘Driven by Lemons’ and ‘Skyscrapers of the Midwest’ for which he was nominated for both the Ignatz and Eisner awards.

He now lives in rural NW Missouri with his family in a house they built themselves. He collects books and goats and works on his graphic novel series Nod Away.  You can find out more at his website.

1,000 Piece

Random Ribbon Cut

Velvet Touch Finish

20" x 27"


(No reviews yet) Write a Review